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KENFO is the first German sovereign wealth fund for nuclear safety and waste management . KENFO manages 24.1 billion euros, which is expected to grow to over 132 billion in the next 80 years. GLÜCK Berlin developed the corporate design and website for KENFO.

Corporate Design

The “Fund for the Financing of Nuclear Waste Management” started out with an unwieldy name – imposed by law. In a first step, we gave the fund a catchier, internationally usable name in the form of Kenfo.

After that, the corporate design was developed, including the logo case, all office templates, but also employee portraits and the annual report revision.


After the development of the corporate design, the launch of a new website based on Typo3, including SEO concept, creation of all texts in DE and EN and finally including a CMS training of the employees, so that they can maintain the website content themselves in the future.