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GLÜCK is working for Schweppes Germany and Austria since 2017. From the very big image film to social media campaigns or new launches and collaborations, we are in the creative lead. Many of the TV spots were thereby realized by our in-house production.


New brand campaign and Claim.

We were looking for a spot that appeals to a younger target group and fits the times. Our solution: Strong images. Strong music. Strong design. In short: a strong campaign. Let’s have a look.

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TVC Timetravel

The brand campaign “Zeitreise” (eng. time travel) already indicates that there is not only centuries of tradition behind Schweppes but also that the cult drink has already provided a lot of fun and excitement in past eras.

On display are party scenes from various decades that explicitly show Schweppes also as a filler for alcoholic beverages. From the gentlemen’s club at the turn of the century, through the 20s and 80s, to the present day. Because Schweppes is and remains the original. The spot won awards at the ADC and the LIA, among others.

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Social Media

Mix it up!

Schweppes and Pernod Ricard Germany visually and authentically make deliciousness come alive. The moving image concept calls for various other mixing combinations. Taste The Original. Cheers.

Schweppes Zero

Christmas campaign



Tag On

The brand spot is complemented with TAG Ons that showcase the mixed drinks.